Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | Staff
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I was raised with a knowledge of religion, but never fully understood my personal need for God until the year 1990. Once my heart’s eyes were opened to the truth, I completely committed my life to Jesus Christ. I served in a variety of ministries at North Providence Assembly of God, where my brother Pasco was the pastor.

I spent years putting my degree in elementary education to good use in hopes of creating a positive impact on young adult people in elementary school and junior high.  During this time is when I first met and became friends with Jacqui Strothoff. Jacqui shared with me about her long time vision to open a home for women struggling with life-controlling addictions. I saw the beauty of this plan and felt that God had laid a new calling on my heart. Together in 1993, Jacqui and I found a house on Elmwood Avenue that would become the first Teen Challenge New England Women’s Home.

Since the day the doors opened in 1994, my heart has been and continues to be for the Residents of this ministry. Throughout my 20 plus years of service, I have had the privilege of witnessing the miraculous power of God change lives. I consider it a tremendous honor and blessing to serve the ministry of Teen Challenge. I am constantly reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness as I nurture broken women, God ministers to my own heart.


To contact Deb McDonald: dmcdonald@womenjersey.wpengine.com

Screenshot 2017-02-06 12.31.34CHELSEA STROTHOFF

Program Supervisor & Admissions Coordinator


I was raised watching my parents pour their hearts and souls into Teen Challenge, the ministry that God had used to save their lives. Their obedience and love for God instilled a fear of the Lord in my own life, which protected me from ever falling into a lifestyle of addiction. The Lord called me to serve him at an early age and although my heart has always been for missions and children, He also instilled a deep compassion and love for women trapped in the bondage of addiction.

I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Rhode Island College and in January of 2010, I began serving at the Providence Women’s Home as a mentor. I realized early on that many of the women who walked through the doors of Teen Challenge were mothers whose addictions had cost them their relationships with their children. Seeing these women separated from their children broke my heart and I began to pray that the Lord would provide a home that would allow these mothers to be unified with their children. We are still believing God for this home and we are blessed to minister to the women until the Lord turns this dream into a reality.

I currently serve as both the Program Supervisor and the head of the admissions department. It is truly a blessing to watch the miracles God is doing in the lives of the women through the ministry of Teen Challenge.


To contact Chelesa Strothoff: cstrothoff@womenjersey.wpengine.com


Resident Life Supervisor & Maintenance Manager


I became addicted to opiates as a division one college athlete. I had always been into the “party scene” but when I suffered an injury that kept me from playing soccer, the sport I loved, my life spiraled out of control. I quickly progressed to using heroin intravenously and it wasn’t long before I lost my spot on the team, and dropped out of school. The next few years of my life were spent in hospitals, detoxes and rehabilitation centers. My family was devastated. I could not believe what my life had become.

On an autumn afternoon I found myself at a small church where I knelt at the altar and prayed “If you are real, please help me. Get me out of this hell.” Less than six months later, I overdosed and was rushed to the hospital. I woke up to my mother at my bedside pleading with me to get help. That day my mother drove me from the hospital to Teen Challenge Rhode Island.

Accepting Christ was a gradual process for me. After some time of fervently seeking the Lord, I had an experience with God that has changed my life forever. Through that experience, I came to know His grace, forgiveness, and love.

I was introduced to Jesus Christ at Teen Challenge and developed a deep love for Him which keeps me clean day after day. I now serve as the Academic Coordinator and the Maintenance Supervisor for the home. I am forever indebted to Him and will continue to serve Him in any capacity He desires.


To contact Kelly Mahoney: kmahoney@womenjersey.wpengine.com


Supervision Staff Coordinator


Growing up in a really dysfunctional family; I started using drugs when I was 12 years old. This would spark a 22 year battle with substance abuse. I was a full blown drug addict by the age of 14, and began a revolving door of detoxes and programs. By the time I entered Long Island Teen Challenge at the age of 34, I had been an IV heroin user for almost a decade. I had never read a Bible and had no idea who Jesus was. I gave my life to Christ and I have never looked back. After completing the program in Long Island, I moved to Seattle where I stayed for a year-long internship, and was hired on as staff. I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve here in Rhode Island and help other lost and broken women find their true identity in Christ.


To contact Teresa Dombrowski: tdombrowski@womenjersey.wpengine.com


Development Supervisor & Kitchen Coordinator


Growing up in a traditional Italian family, the kitchen was the central place of my home where I spent countless hours with my mother and grandmother creating meals. There was a special feeling of warmth, joy and hospitality around all of the cooking, serving and entertaining. I enjoyed the interaction as much as the food itself. I felt a sense of joy and fulfillment spiritually as I served my family and others. I am now honored to serve the Lord at the ministry of Adult and Teen Challenge doing exactly what I love to do. I have the opportunity to mentor ladies as we create menus and meals. Bringing the warmth, joy and love into the kitchen that I grew up with is beyond anything I could have imagined.


To contact Darlene Petruccillo: dpetruccillo@womenjersey.wpengine.com

stephTCStephanie Chenes

Administrative Assistant


I grew up in a Christian home where I was always taught to give my whole heart to others, even if sometimes you feel you have nothing to give at all. In my early 20’s I experienced two major losses within the same year, one of whom was my dear father, who helped start the ministry of jewelry making here at Teen Challenge Rhode Island. As a result, I have dedicated my life to help women who also have experienced pain, grief and heartache. The ministry of Teen Challenge has always been such a blessing in my life. As I watch God’s handiwork here daily, it is my prayer and hope that I too will be a vessel for God in the lives of these ladies.


To contact Stephanie Chenes: schenes@womenjersey.wpengine.com