Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | Family Member Addicted?
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Family Member Addicted?



Family Support is Critical

Drug abuse costs society billions of dollars each year in healthcare expenses, lost productivity, and vehicle and workplace accidents; as well as in the criminal justice systems for the violence and crimes that are committed by abusers.

Even more tragically, drug abuse disintegrates family relationships. Hearts are broken and anxiety increases as family members witness the abusers lose their health and fail to take advantage of educational and job opportunities.

It is vital the abuser knows they are loved by their families, but also important that boundaries are drawn to protect family members and to let the abuser know their actions will not be tolerated within the home or around the family.

An excellent way to learn and find support from other families who face the same issues is to join a support group in your local area.


What Should Families and Drug Abusers Know?

Treatment can work.

Drug addiction can alter the brain and body chemistry for months or even years after a person stops using, so just detoxing from drugs is not enough. Drug abusers cannot alter their behavior without taking care of their addiction.

Encourage your family member to seek help. Introduce him or her to Teen Challenge and its program. He or she can hear the stories and meet those who are currently enrolled in our programs at church services in your area, or visit a Teen Challenge Center where he or she can meet someone whose life has been changed.

There are support groups such as Celebrate Recovery in your area. They are a great tool helping abusers face the reality of how drugs or alcohol abuse is robbing them of their dreams and hopes for their desired future.