Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | Urgent Opportunity!
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Urgent Opportunity!

For me to be here now, giving God the glory for saving my life, it’s not only an honor, it’s a miracle.

I thank God for using Teen Challenge to show me that healing from my addiction could only be found in Jesus Christ. I didn’t need medication for my anxiety. I needed God.

— Brittany

Winter brings many young addicts like Brittany to our doors. They’re looking for hope and warmth … and finding so much more!

At the same time, the winter has taken a financial toll …
• Occupancy at our eight Centers across New England and New Jersey is high.
• Increased food, heat and utility costs at every Center.
• Plus — a boiler out at one Center, and a roof in need of repair at another.

We’re not about to turn these young people away — so we’re turning to friends like you.

Please prayerfully consider what you can do — and give as generously as possible. Your support for Teen Challenge will help meet significant physical needs, so that we can continue meeting spiritual ones: transforming lives like Brittany’s by the power of Jesus Christ. Thank you.