Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | A Powerful Response to the Drug Epidemic: Jesus Christ!
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A Powerful Response to the Drug Epidemic: Jesus Christ!

• “The opioid overdose epidemic has left thousands dead in Massachusetts …” (The Boston Globe, January, 2016)

• “Brockton, Massachusetts, is a city in crisis” (New England Cable News)

• “Between Wednesday and Saturday of last week, 45 people overdosed on opiates …”(Monday, January 18, 2016)

• “We average about three overdoses per day,” Mayor Bill Carpenter

• “In 2015, 123 people in Brockton, Massachusetts died by overdosing …”

Please pray with us that God will use Teen Challenge powerfully to answer the growing addiction epidemic across New England & New Jersey.

By His grace, we offer the only real solution to addiction: faith in Jesus Christ.

But we need your help to continue changing lives and setting addicts free from addiction.

Please stand with us at this moment of opportunity!