Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | New Life … in the New Year!
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New Life … in the New Year!

No words can describe how grateful I am for the chance God has given me to restore my life at Teen Challenge.

After a lifetime of regret, I have not regretted one single day spent in this ministry, surrounded by miracles.

For the first time in two decades, I am free from the chains of emotional and physical addiction. I thank the vessel of Teen Challenge for amplifying the love of God for a sinner such as me.

— Kyle

Please help Teen Challenge boldly launch a new year of ministry — reaching even more young men and women in need — and transforming their lives. With your partnership and support …

  • We’ll open our doors to the broken and addicted, ministering hope and life-transformation to young people in desperate need.
  • We’ll share our message of life-renewal in New England and New Jersey churches and communities through our inspirational Teen Challenge Choir — and work to prevent addiction among today’s impressionable youth.
  • We’ll provide a warm bed, food, education, leadership training, spiritual mentoring and vocational support to young people struggling with addiction — setting them free by the power of God — and returning them to our communities as productive, contributing citizens.

Please be generous! Help us rescue them from addiction … restore them by the power of God … and eternally transform their lives.