Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | New Life in the New Year!
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New Life in the New Year!

As we move into a new year of service, we ask you to help us continue bringing freedom to addicts, one life at a time, and restoring hope to families once shattered by addiction.

Please stand with Teen Challenge in 2016 with your generous online donation.

Whatever you can give right now, however you can stand with us today, will be a tremendous blessing …

  1. We’re facing a large demand right now — because tragically, so many men and women are in deep trouble. With addiction on the rise, we need to be there for even more people in need in 2016.
  1. At the same time, the harsh winter months bring higher food and heating costs — and drive many homeless addicts to our doors, seeking warmth. Please help us rescue them … restore them … and change their lives.

Our 15-month residential program has proven to work again and again because of the “Jesus factor.” He is the central focus — who can, and does, break the power of addiction, one life at a time.

Thank you for being a part of this miraculous ministry in the new year ahead: bringing hope and freedom in Christ to people in serious need. God bless you for it.