Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | Hungry No More!
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Hungry No More!

  • 80 dozen eggs
  • 30 loaves of bread
  • 15 gallons of milk

That’s what our grocery list looks like, for ONE Center, for ONE week.

18,720 dozen eggs and 3,840 gallons of milk are consumed by our eight centers in ONE year!

As you can see, this is a tremendous need for our ministry — and one we’re asking you to help us meet before we enter the busy holiday season of the year.

Financially, it boils down to a cost of $5.24 per student, per day. With 252 students currently in our care, this is a significant expense for our ministry.

You can sponsor meals for one student for one full month with a generous online donation of $158.90$73.34 would provide one student’s meals for two weeks … $36.67 would feed one student for one week … $317.80 would feed two students for one month.

Your generosity will help to feed the spiritually hungry this fall — body and soul — and continue the life-transformation God works through this ministry. Thank you for standing with us.