Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | Finances
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Teen Challenge New England & New Jersey provides long term residential recovery programs and outreach services to youth and families thanks to the compassionate generosity of our friends and partners.

We are privately supported and depend on the faithfulness of individuals, churches, businesses and foundations that value our effective ministry and partner with us to set hurting young people free from the bonds of addiction.

We ask each student’s family members and friends to contribute, if possible, to help underwrite the costs of the program for their loved one. The vast majority are unable to do so, which makes the generosity of our donors a true lifeline to those who desperately need our services.

Our staff and volunteers also passionately work to ensure that all donations are stretched as far as possible and used as prudently as possible to cover our ministry’s needs. According to our most recent audit, over 80% of all revenue is used directly in programs helping needy people. With the oversight of an active Board of Directors, Teen Challenge strives to be financially accountable and good stewards of all contributions. You can give with confidence, knowing your generosity is being poured into life-transforming ministry.

Teen Challenge New England, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  Donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.