Teen Challenge New Jersey Women | Assistants
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KHenriksenKaren Henriksen
President Assistant

Karen has been with Teen Challenge for over a year coming from a background of serving in Community Bible Study and in a private Christian school. Karen brings a varied skill set to Teen Challenge, desiring to use her skills to further the ministry of Teen Challenge. Karen delights in interacting with the students in the program, offering encouragement and support.

To contact Karen – khenriksen@tcnewengland.org



Sean Merrill
Administrative Assistant

Sean Merrill graduated from Teen Challenge Brockton in 2014. Sean was a licensed journeyman electrician with a wife, child, home and successful business. One day he took a pill that his younger brother Corey offered him. That one choice dramatically changed the next ten years of his life. After his brother died from a heroin overdose and with his life in a shambles, Sean cried out to God and ended up at Teen Challenge. Working in the Program Development office of the Brockton program while a student, Sean developed a heart to give back to the ministry that saved his life.  Sean brings a high level of enthusiasm, precise detail and a tireless servant spirit to his position.

To contact Sean – smerrill@tcbrockton.org



Melissa Oliveira
President Assistant

Melissa joined the Teen Challenge team in September 2015 as one of the assistant’s to the President. After serving as a sales and marketing account executive for a number of years in the corporate world, she chose to take her expertise and follow her heart into ministry work. Melissa has served on the Brockton Teen Challenge Women’s Guild for over two years, and loves hearing the testimonies of changed lives and aspires to help Teen Challenge End Addiction.  She enjoys spending her free time reading, crafting, and with her husband, daughter and three sons on various family adventures.

To contact Melissa – moliveira@tcnewengland.org